Inspired by birds of freedom, designer Judy Wu uses origami to simplify complex organisms, focusing on the interaction between femininity and geometry for this new collection.

Through the process of pattern making, the birds’ wings and tails transform into angular shapes over the shoulder and across the body, morphing into garments that will flatter a multitude of body shapes.

Soft fabric such as translucent double organza, light chiffon and fluid crepe has been draped onto the body to create modern and geometric silhouettes. Starched crisp shirting, cotton gabardine and technical blends add a casual note, together with sportswear detailing.

The collection is enriched by vivid colour blocks of cantaloupe, rosewater, dewberry, aquamarine, celeste, as well as earthy tones including ochre, beige, maroon and amber.

Femininity is a perfect balance of tenderness and fortitude and Judy seeks to capture the beauty within through soft surfaces and solid shapes - simple geometry providing stability and assertiveness, empowering femininity through fashion.